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Inflatable Boat Repairs.....
That’s right! The brochure states the material is abrasion resistant not puncture proof. Unfortunately, holes do happen. It is important to carry not only the pump but also a small repair kit. However, sometimes thats not quite enough!
inflatable boat repair

You can quite easily repair a small puncture with these repair kits. However, they are intended to make a temporary
It is important to get the boat to a repair shop to perform a permanent repair. 

At Westcan Inflatables, we repair all types of inflatable boats whether it is a small hole or delamination, or a transom replacement. If you need help with a repair call us today.

 "Thanks so much to Brad and Westcan inflatables for saving our boat. Hey, I just noticed you put extra grab handles on it as well thanks so much. Carrying it will be much easier!"  - Gregory Jack

Inflatable Boat Cleaning.....

Most dirt and grime can be washed off of an inflatable boat with mild soap and water. However, more often than not there are unsightly stains that seem impossible to remove. For example, creosote from a dock or piling seems to almost leach into the fabric of an inflatable boat. 

Another problem that often arises is the yellowing effect that the sun has upon inflatable boats. It is important to keep your inflatable clean and UV protected to ensure a reasonable life expectancy of your inflatable boat. cleaning

At Westcan Inflatables, we offer these cleaning services throughout the year.

You should take advantage of cleaning your inflatable in the off season so it doesn’t impact your cruising schedule in the new season!

Pick up and Drop off.....

We are conveniently located in Port Coquitlam. If you have an inflatable that requires attention and have no way of transporting it we could pick it up at Rocky Point or on the Pitt River. If this still doesn’t work give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your situation.