Rigid Inflatable Boats

An alternative to hard body boats like fiberglass, metal and wood, rigid-hull inflatable boats are puncture resistant and often made from flexible materials such as PVC or synthetic rubbers such as neoprene and Hypalon. Usually filled with air or other inert gasses, they are intended to be heavy duty and light. While in the water they are very maneuverable, on land they are easy to transport and can take up less room to store compared to comparable boats their size.

Not exactly the best video below, but it does showcase that these boats are tougher than some may think. They are not easily penetrated but like any boat, they can be penetrated. Inflatable boats are often easily repairable though with simple patches.

To make a vessel light enough to float, inflatable tubes are used. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the boat has to be made of rubber.

To provide rigidity for handling activities that require more stability such as adding a motor or withstanding harsher elements on the water such as waves, inflatable boats can be designed with materials to provide a fixed frame.

Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Manufacturers


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