Inflatable Boats

For years Inflatable boats have been viewed as either fun little rafts or expensive military grade boats used by special ops teams and first responders. This has been due mostly to consumers unfamiliarity with the product and the misconception that inflatable boats are not as durable as other commercial choices for the same price. In recent years their costs have reduced to a point where they are now seen as a viable everyday alternative to fiberglass, wood and aluminum.

Inflatable Boats

These boats have proven to be safe and long lasting providing many more options with transport and storage.

Manufactured in a variety of styles, you can find a model suitable for work or personal use. Over the years the technology behind the manufacture of the PVC and Hypalon that goes into their construction has produced material that has increased the trust from the market.

Inflatable boats are more than just rafts. They are available with motors in a huge variety from two person boats to rigid frames with center consoles.

inflatable fishing

There are so many options nowadays for fisherman who want an easy option to get on the water and enjoy the day.

An alternative to hard body boats like fiberglass, metal and wood. Inflatable boats are puncture resistant and often made from flexible materials such as PVC or synthetic rubbers like as Neoprene and Hypalon.

Usually filled with air or other inert gasses, they are intended to be heavy duty and light. While in the water they are very maneuverable, on land they are easy to transport and can take up less room to store compared to comparable boats their size.

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